Portable freezer cooler - Portable outdoor refrigerator.

Portable Freezer Cooler

portable freezer cooler

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portable freezer cooler - Edgestar 86

Edgestar 86 Qt. Portable Fridge/freezer - Grey

Edgestar 86 Qt. Portable Fridge/freezer - Grey

Keep your food fresh and frozen with the Edgestar 86 Qt. Portable Fridge/Freezer (FP861). This portable fridge/freezer is perfect for storing extra food or even the catch of the day. At 86 quarts, this freezer can hold a lot of food and the large and small baskets help with your storage needs. The built in drain plug helps drain any excess water from the freezer while its defrosting. Fast Freeze mode helps to rapidly cool the freezer down to -8 degrees F and maintain it at that temperature, and the "Low" indicator lets you know when power is running out so you can switch to another power source. With easy-to-use controls and dual fridge & freezer sections, this chest freezer is one of the best on the market. Dual Fridge/Freezer: Storage for both fridge and freezer foods for added convenience Fast Freeze Mode: Rapidly cools freezer down to -8 degrees F Small/Large Basket: Small and large basket for extra storage

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Dad at the Broken Fridge

Dad at the Broken Fridge

The heating element in the fridge seems to be dead so the coils iced over killing the cooling efficiency leading to thawed food. Pictured is Dad putting a portable heater in the freezer section to speed up thawing all the ice on the cooling elements. Shot at the parents home in Kingman, Arizona. A new heating element will arrive on Tuesday.

National Luna Fridge n Freezer

National Luna Fridge n Freezer

Portable freezer NOT just a cooler

portable freezer cooler

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